Simbi Nyaima

A mysterious still body of water is found in Karachuonyo, within the county of Homa Bay, Kenya. It is a deep dark lake and its distinct smell permeates the air for several kilometers. Sometimes, it is covered in a beautiful pink flamboyance of flamingoes. Othertimes, it sits ominously undisturbed, with scarcely any breeze rippling its surface. The local legend goes that it’s still water belies a terrible tale on how it came to be.

In this story, you assume the role of a young guest of the twin children Opiyo and Adongo, and together with their older sibling Ny’abung’u, are roped into a tale woven by Lawino the storyteller. Your role goes beyond that of a mere spectator, the children and Lawino acknowledge your presence, and from time to time ask you to perform a few tasks as the story unravels. The stories unfold within both the fantastical imagination of a child and a meticulously researched display of Luo culture in the transitionary period. The stories are meant to be viewed in order but individually, with this being the third in a set of three.

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