Lwanda Magere

In this popular Luo legend, the warrior Lwanda Magere is said to possess mighty powers bestowed upon him by Obongo Nyakalaga. Mysterious powers that made him invincible during his numerous encounters with the Luo people’s Nandi neighbors. But is mighty Lwanda Magere truly invincible? And if not, what may bring about his downfall?

In this story, you assume the role of a young guest of the twin children Opiyo and Adongo, and together with their older sibling Ny’abung’u, are roped into a tale woven by Lawino the storyteller. Your role goes beyond that of a mere spectator, the children and Lawino acknowledge your presence, and from time to time ask you to perform a few tasks as the story unravels. The stories unfold within both the fantastical imagination of a child and a meticulously researched display of Luo culture in the transitionary period. The stories are meant to be viewed in order but individually, with this being the first in a set of three.

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